torsdag 7 april 2011

[Mordheim] Uncle Archie becomes a hero

Last game was Lost in the bog. And since my warband has the highest rating, I was the one to be lost. And what happened was that the others saw their chance and attacked me. So when I had the chance, after losing six models, I volountarily routed.  At least did Aeron take the Tomb King Lich Priest and one of the Acolytes out of action with her blunderbuss. Étaín took the other acolyte out of action with her bow.

Duncan got pretty messed up (deep wound) and was going to pass the coming three games. And when I rolled on the experience chart for Uncle Archie, he got Lad's got a talent. Therefore I decided that Duncan had to go, and Archie was given his position among the heroes of the warband.

The other warbands are gaining a lot of experience due to my high warband rating, so next game I think that I will try to sit back just to make sure that I can get some experience for my heroes. If given a fair opportunity, I'll try to kill one or another enemy.