fredag 16 september 2011

[WH40K] Dark Angels Veteran

Another WIP model. This time it's a Black Templar Sword Brethren who has turned to the better side. The figure itself was already painted, and I used cernite clay to sculpt the robe. I did this just to see how the figure would look. I will strip the clay and paint and rework the model with green stuff.

And for comparison, this is the original model:

tisdag 13 september 2011

[WH40K] A new sergeant

Today I started to work on my first Dark Angel tactical squad. I wanted teh Veteran Sergeant to look like a veteran, but I have no Company Veterans to spare. But then I saw the parts of the Assault on Black Reach Captain and started to be creative. The sergeant isn't finished yet when it comes to painting, but here's a WIP picture.

Yes, he is holding a book =)

And so that you can compare him to the original...

tisdag 6 september 2011

[WH40K] The battle rages on

The ork horde continued its advance upon the Dark Angel task force. It was obvious that there was a darker master behind the strategy of the orks. Someone Fallen was lurking in the mists.

As the orks closed in on the Angels a looted Predator with a crude looking gun crawled into view. It opened fire upon the Mortis Dreadnought Brother Eligor. The ground shook, but Eligor stood firm. On the other flank the Deff Dread opened fire upon a Deathwing squad and managed to take out one of the veterans. Other than that, none of the shooting by the orks had any effect.

Brother Eligor kept firing upon the Wartrak squadron and immobilised the remaining vehicle. Since the single remaining Stormboy was fleeing Sammael switched target to a closing mob of Shootas. The Veteran with Cyclone Missile Launcher in Belial's squad followed the guidance of Sammael and seven orks in total were killed. On the same flank three Ravenwing bikers appeared and easily took care of the looted Predator which was shot to pieces.

In the center the lone Plasma Cannon armed Dreadnought targetted the three Deffkoptas and took out two of them.

On the left flank the Deathwing Veterans avenged their fallen brother and completely destroyed the Deffdread with two well-placed Krak missiles.