torsdag 22 november 2012

[WH40K] - Squad Venicones

I have completed the first third of my cultists. That is ten models. I need to buy a new pack of Cadians (20) to complete the unit.

But in the meantime i have begun painting my Chaos Space Marine squad (CSM squad). They will be equipped like this:

Squad Venicones - the Hunting hounds
Champion: Power fist, combi-melta
2 CSM: Melta guns, bolt pistol & close combat weapon
7 CSM: Bolt pistol & close combat weapon
And they will ride in a Rhino.

And here is the squad's Champion. Made from a metal Chaos Lord, who in its original form looks to be a Black Legion Lord. But I swapped the bare head with a top knot for the open berzerker helmet. The helmet is a bit too large to fit in nicely in the place of the bare head, which makes him look down. But I figured that I will later on re-base him, and have him standing on top of a decapitated Dark Angel. And you all can see where the Dark Angel's head is right now.

tisdag 6 november 2012

[Mordheim] - Soon a new warband

By the way... We are going to start a new Mordheim campaign. This time I will probably create a new warband. I will stick to humans, and most probably a Reikland or Marienburger warband.

[WH40K] The gladiator champion

Two more cultists done. The first is my Cultist Champion. He is based upon one servitor model, with the addition of a Catachan arm and some grenades. The other one uses a Cadian body, a Catachan head and a female head from the old Confrontation game. I will probably add some blood on the base below the head.

fredag 2 november 2012

[WH40K] - Cultists

Time for a World Eater update. The Violent few will be supported by a bunch of cultist hang-arounds. They will be led by a champion who is a former gladiator. The cultists themselves, is a bunch of crazed ex-imperial guardsmen, who have openly opposed the imperium and started to worship Khorne.

The arms, legs and torsos are from the Cadian Shock Troopers kit. One of them though, has got arms from the Catachan range. The heads are from MaxMini.