måndag 1 oktober 2012

The Violent few

During spring I decided to drop my Dark Angels project. I never really liked their fluff. So I sold off all my models and decided to start a World Eater force. I ordered most of the stuff from Wayland games and Forgeworld.

With the coming of the 6th edition and the coming chaos codex, I hope that my force won't be too way out of league.

And as I probably already have mentioned, I am not that fond of painting. At least I have started, and I have finished painting my Chaos Lord Caratacos and Kharn the Betrayer.

Lord Caratacos is converted from the limited edition Captain Sicarius figure. I changed his shoulder plates to the World Eater ones from Forgeworld. Added a chaos backpack and tried to cut away som Ultramarine icons.

I am also currently painting a Rhino with extra armour and World Eater doors, as well as a Chaos Decimator  which is going to be dedicated to Khorne.

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