torsdag 22 november 2012

[WH40K] - Squad Venicones

I have completed the first third of my cultists. That is ten models. I need to buy a new pack of Cadians (20) to complete the unit.

But in the meantime i have begun painting my Chaos Space Marine squad (CSM squad). They will be equipped like this:

Squad Venicones - the Hunting hounds
Champion: Power fist, combi-melta
2 CSM: Melta guns, bolt pistol & close combat weapon
7 CSM: Bolt pistol & close combat weapon
And they will ride in a Rhino.

And here is the squad's Champion. Made from a metal Chaos Lord, who in its original form looks to be a Black Legion Lord. But I swapped the bare head with a top knot for the open berzerker helmet. The helmet is a bit too large to fit in nicely in the place of the bare head, which makes him look down. But I figured that I will later on re-base him, and have him standing on top of a decapitated Dark Angel. And you all can see where the Dark Angel's head is right now.

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