tisdag 4 december 2012

[WH40K] First Blood!

Today was the first blood for the Violent few. A small part of the warband (500 points) joined forces with an other equally small warband. Together they fought an unholy alliance between Orks and Ultramarines.

The game is not quite yet over, because we didn't have to time to finish it off. So it will continue tomorrow. And I won't tell you all about the battle until it's over. But I will tell you about how Lord Caratacos and Squad Taexali managed to claim skulls for Khorne.

Lord Caratacos rode together with Taexali in their rhino towards the center of the battlefield. The objective was to retrieve an unholy relic. The rhino stopped between a small wood and a cottage. Just as Caratacos and Taexali had disembarked, the rhino took a hit which immobilized it. They ran around the cottage, trying to close in with two Ultramarine combat squads and the enemy Warlord, an Ultramarine Captain. But a squad of allied Possessed beat them to it.

Just as they were about to charge in, a huge mob of Ork Boyz with shootas showed up and shot Champion Taexali and a Berzerker dead in their tracks. Lord Caratacos immediately ordered them to charge the Orks. And that they did.

Lord Caratacos led the charge as they smashed into the Orks. He fought with unmatched fury, and managed to disembowell no less than six orks during the first turn. Two berzerkers had been shot by the boyz as they charged in, but the remaining three managed to kill another six orks.

The remaining orks lost their guts to fight, and turned to run. Lord Caratacos saw this and urged his squad to finish them off. And chain axes and chain sword made a short but bloody work of the orks.

When they were done Lord Caratacos told one of the berzerkers to pick up the relic, and then they ran to help the possessed and an allied squad of berzerkers to kill the Ultramarines and their captain.

As they charged in, Lord Caratcos issued a challenge to the Captain, who couldn't decline. Caratacos decapitated the Captain, and was rewarded by Khorne with eternal life (Eternal warrior). The rest of the Ultramarines were butchered by the three remaining members of squad Taexali.

A fine start for Khorne's finest!

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