tisdag 8 mars 2011

[Mordheim] In the grim dark past...

First a little about my Ostlander warband.

I did chose the Ostlanders because when I read their fluff, I got this feeling about them being from Scotland. And I have this thing about Scotland. Maybe it's because my ancestors came from Scotland to Sweden in the early 1600s.

But I really don't like the Mordheim mercenary models. So I looked around a bit, and found the Celtos miniatures, more precise - the Gaels. They were exactly what I was looking for.

So this was my starting warband:

Caitlin (Elder)
Wargear: Bow, knife

Angus (Blood-brother)
Wargear: Spear, knife, helmet

Duncan (Blood-brother)
Wargear: Two-handed sword, knife, helmet

Artair (Priest of Taal)
Wargear: Spear, knife, helmet

The Cousins from Oakwood (Jaegers)
Wargear: Staff sling (counts as bow), knife

The Cousins from Cíuinn Dun (Jaegers)
Wargear: Staff sling (counts as bow), knife

So this was what I started with.

In the campaign we are running, I am facing Undead, Possessed, Tomb Kings and Dwarven Treasure Hunters. So I made a mental note to stay out of close combat.

Our first scenario was Monster Hunt. The Undead team killed the Young Griffon and claimed the treasure. My Cousins managed to do some temporal damage to the Undead, but nothing that took any of them out of action. Other than that I didn't see any action, and therefore managed to stay alive with my entire warband.

In the second scenario we played Treasure Hunt. This time the Undead player couldn't be with us. The Possessed warband routed very early, and my Ostlanders allied with the Dwarves to kill the Tomb Kings. Caitlin and Artair managed to get one Wyrd stone each, and stayed back from the fighting. My cousins, protected by the twins (the Blood-brothers) started to chase down the Tomb Kings who had lost their spell caster. They managed to wound the Tomb Lord twice, and killed all regular skeletons. At least three ricochets were shot during the game.
Caitling, who had watched the fighting from distance, saw that one of the Cousins from Cíuinn Dun really had a talent. So she promoted Étaín to Hero.


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