torsdag 31 mars 2011

[Mordheim] Success and disaster

Last monday's gaming was both a victory and a loss. First, I recruited three new warriors to my warband. Seoc the ruffian and the two sisters Iseabail and Flóraidh (kin).

Seoc is cousin to Angus and Duncan. He actually arrived to the camp together with his brother Iain. But Iain was so drunk that he had passed out, and couldn't join the warband in the two coming scenarios.

The sisters Iseabail and Flóraidh (Kin)
Two of Caitlin's cousins from Glen Finlay. Iseabail is fourteen and Flóraidh is eighteen years old. They have heeded Caitlin's call to arms and joined her warband.

Treasure Hunt
The first scenario went well. It was a Treasure Hunt with nine Wyrdstone shards on the field of battle. My warband managed to collect four of them. The most astonishing event during that scenario was when Étaín pulled the trigger of her blunderbuss and killed 2 Ungor, 1 Gor and 1 Bestigor. That lass is truly talented. She also managed to bring one of the wyrdstones into safety.

Death pays a visit
The second scenario was Monster Hunt. This time the Beatmen and the Possessed ganked my warband, and in the end Angus, Duncan, Artair, Étaín, Uncle Archie, Seoc Iseabail and Flóraidh was taken out of action. And unfortunately Flóraidh was killed. Duncan, who was quite fond of her, took her death so hard (or maybe it was that hit to his head) so that he is now subject to Frenzy.

A new hero is born
Luckily one of Caitlin's cousins from Oakwood, Aeron, did cause the monster som injury, so Caitlin decided to promote her to be one of the commanders of the warband.

Aeron, the new hero

Iain has recently gotten fairly sober

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