tisdag 22 mars 2011

[Mordheim] Enter Uncle Archie...

Last evenings scenario went well. We played the Bounty Hunting scenario. It went well. I tried to kill the dwarves twice, but all I managed was to stun their leader. It all ended when the Tomb Kings and the Undead volountarily routed and the rest of us formed an alliance. I lost no-one this time either. And this time Étaín managed to find a Blunderbuss for sale.

When the Macduffs had returned to their base camp they saw that a cooking fire already was lit. When they got closer they were greeted by a rumbling laughter. It was Caitlin's Uncle Archie who had come all the way from Albion to join her warband.

Uncle Archie (Ogre)
Archibald is half-brother to Caitlin's mother. No-one knows who his father was, but rumours has it that it actually was one of the giants of Albion - how that even could be physically possible. Archie seems to like that version of his life, and tells every stranger he meets of his father - The Giant of Black Moor.

My first attempt to paint a tartan. He will be holding a sword in his right hand.

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